God only knows!

God only knows!

It was Sunday the 20th of August when Phillip Hand was visiting our church Kingdom Life in Wallasey.

It had been a tough week leading up to the Sunday and to be honest I wasn’t feeling church at all. Our service is in the evening, so I had been equipping myself for a touch from God all day. Beginning to feel the fire ignite in my belly and joy rising up, at the thought of the guest speaker who was coming to our church later that evening. I was so ready for this!

My children and I arrived early to help set up but as soon as I arrived, something within me deflated like a balloon. Instead of helping set up, I headed straight to the couch to lie down. Getting up five minutes later I just floated around anxiously waiting for when the service was ready to begin. I felt agitated and uncomfortable, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.

The service finally began, instead of it running smoothly though, my ten-year-old son decided it was OK to kick-off and do a runner down the road… Really?! Something was definitely, trying to stop me from sitting out this service! That was all I need to make me realize that the enemy didn’t want me there, listening to Phillip Hand’s message!

After dealing with my son’s behaviour, I was able to get to my seat in time for worship. Then the moment arrived, Phillip was ready to give his sermon but that feeling came again, the uneasy, I want to get out of here now!! Feeling.

Time to point out, that although I knew my flesh was uneasy and my thoughts were telling me to get out of there, I knew God was ready to move in my life, so I wasn’t going anywhere!

Okay, so, I had to give that part of the story, for you to understand the next part…

God only knows!!

At the end of the message, Phillip offered to pray for everyone and anoint them with oil. Everybody jumped up and made a queue to wait for a prayer and a blessing.
I remained seated, arguing with the voice in my head telling me to get up and receive some prayer. Then my Pastor, Steve, told me to go and get prayer.

Argghhh, I don’t like disobeying my elders, so I reluctantly went up last…

Wow!! As a little girl, I loved the TV show Fame, it was on cable and then a movie came out, which I have the DVD of
BTW. Not only, did I have a love for the movie growing up, but I also had a dream of becoming a famous singer, living in America. Even now as a thirty-five-year-old woman, I dream of a life singing and dancing, bringing thousands and thousands into His Kingdom, day by day.

That’s something that only God knew about me though, well, until this Sunday just gone, when God decided to speak to me through Phillip Hand, and He told me that I’m going to America and I’m going to be famous.

Phillip also said to me that I reminded him of Fame an old TV show from the 80/90s, this obviously made me laugh because God was the only one who knew this out of all the people I was surrounded by.
There was no possibility of anyone telling Phillip about my hidden childhood dreams, or interests.

Then Phillip said that he could picture me in leggings and thick socks like what they wore on Fame, dancing for God. Well, that made me laugh more because I almost every day, bust out the worship and dance to the Lord, like full-on, crazy, dance like nobody is watching dancing, a childlike dance for my Father. But!! Only God knows that, but this stranger is here in front of me telling me things only the Father knows.

This was all I needed! This is why I was there!

This encounter was exactly what I needed to find my way back to my first love, the Father.

After Philip prayed for me, he put his hands in mine so I could receive a blessing, then Phillip spoke in my ear “If I had come here for anyone tonight, it was for you” Wow!

Again! I nearly didn’t go, I nearly found an excuse not to be there, I nearly missed out on this indescribable blessing that God used Phillip to deliver.

Phillip Hand is definitely, without doubt, a vessel for the most high God, if he’s coming to a church near you, don’t miss out! It could be a pivotal moment in your faith.

Kerri Douglas

Update… it’s beginning to happen!