God is with us

God is with us

It was several years ago when I went to the hospital for an endoscopy but as they were doing this my pancreas got punctured, and I ended up in the hospital with acute pancreatitis.
It was 50/50 as to whether I was going to survive, for the first two weeks I was very ill.
I don’t remember much, but into the third week I was getting a little better and I heard the Lord say to me “Arise, woman of Zion, arise”, I didn’t know what that meant, but I felt a lift in my spirit and on the same day a minister friend from a church came to pray for me, as they were praying I saw a vision of Jesus stood at the bottom of my bed.

He showed me the wounds in his wrist where I could see really clearly the size and depths of the holes where the nails went in and the darkness of the blood, he said this is how much I love you!

God is with us always to lift us up send encouragement, so never fear God has you in the palm of his hands!

As I got better the Lord sent people to me so that I could pray and minister to them such as the patient next to me, and a hospital cleaner, it was really incredible.

If we are open to God he will and can use us, wherever we are, so I praise God for even using me from a hospital bed!

All Glory goes to Him, I pray this will encourage you, no matter what… God is with you, Amen.

Chrissy Slight, may God Bless you!

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