Journal Your Journey

Journal Your Journey

Note to oneself: Journal Everything!!!

17th of June 2014.

I was having dinner with my brother who doesn’t want to talk about Jesus at all!
During our dinner conversation, he explained that he woke up one day with a new mindset and improved health.
I asked him when this amazing breakthrough came he said ‘a few weeks ago’.

I went on to tell him I believe his breakthrough was because of my praying.
You see one night a few weeks ago I had a very intense spiritual warfare dream…

My brother was on his knees and I was standing over Him praying and using the Word and at the same time pulling demons (dark clouds) off him.

The dream was so intense I woke and continued to pray for a little while before falling asleep again.

Now if I had journaled that dream & prayer time and also had a copy on my phone I could have proved it to my non-believing brother!

Some good came out of it because my brother’s fiancee asked me to pray with her at the end of the evening!

Thank you, Jesus!

Pastor Phillip Hand

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