Intimacy with the Holy Spirit and encounters with Angels

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit and encounters with Angels

In 2018 I and my two friends Don and James decided to travel to Crewe to Pastors Philip Hand’s Encounter church conference from Birmingham.

We had never heard of two prophets Michel Chevalier or John David Kirby and his wife Sarah and never knew what to expect. We travelled two 2 hours extra early and we needed them as the police were conducting a speed experiment on the motorway and we would have missed the conference had we not started out early!

The service started and the tangible presence of God just hit us and we just held up our hands-on high and closed our eyes and soaked up the heavenly atmosphere. A few times I looked behind me as there were hands touching my back and head but there was no one sitting behinds us at all!! It must be angels ministering to us, in one of the selfie photos I took on the phone there was a glowing orb globe behind us!

My friend Don who has OCD, Asperger syndrome always have negative thoughts in his mind which makes it difficult for him to relax. He told me that during the service he had no negative thoughts and it was like a no sin zone!

This encounter although only 1-2 hours long had a profound effect on my life and the start of my journey of intimacy with God.

Philip Wong

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