It was 11 years ago my husband worked full time as a caretaker in a church and I worked full time as a cleaner at student accommodation with forty beds.
One day and out of the blue my husband’s bosses came to our house and told him funds had run out and they had to drop his hrs by half.
And the place I was working closed down, we just lost a total of £1,200 a month, now I was at peace but my husband was panicking.
I told him not to worry ‘what does God tell us? – He is our provider, He will look after us’.
We had to cut down on a few things but we never cut down on our tithing to Go.
We were invited to a meeting and there were around 200 people there. At the end the speaker said God had told him to pray for every person in the meeting, so row by row people went out, then it was our turn, I was thinking to myself he won’t say anything to us, but the man said ‘you don’t need to annualise things’ I said ok but didn’t know what he meant.
Just then as we were walking away he reached out and grabbed hold of my hand and said ‘oh and God said you will never beg for bread’.
Wow, I was in tears!

God can never break his promise, He has been so faithful to us, in many ways , God loves his people, and wants to bless us, we need to trust him in All situations, I have learnt to do that, it’s not always easy, but I know it’s the best thing to do.

God bless

Chrissy Slight x

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